About Annelida

Believing in the Future of Vermicomposting

Inspired by the notion of a greener, more environmentally-friendly future, and recognizing that today’s agricultural practices are unsustainable, ANNELIDA was formed by a group of like-minded green technology enthusiasts working to create a better way of increasing yields without compromising the environment.

ANNELIDA’s investors believe that worm castings (often called vermicastings) and their liquid extracts are truly nature’s best way to feed plants without compromising the environment. In addition, a variety of industrial and agricultural waste products can be recycled to produce worm castings and extracts.


Annelida is committed to producing the perfect organic bio-stimulant. By diverting organic material from landfills we are able to create our Premium Earthworm Castings in both granular and extract forms.

Annelida aims to provide a biologically diverse and chemical-free casting with the highest functionality available in an organic plant food. Annelida Premium Earthworm Castings are OMRI listed and third-party tested to ensure consistency and quality.

Whether you are farming, growing in a greenhouse, or gardening at home, our Premium Casting products will help you optimize soil conditions for ideal plant growth, increased yields, and improved flavour profiles without compromising the environment.

Our Premier Facility

Our premier 8500 sq ft. worm composting facility hosts 17 million (and replicating) red wiggler earthworms (Eisenia fetida)! These worms eat organic materials and produce worm castings (worm excrement).

With our patented, automated technology and smart systems, these worms allow us to produce 5000-6000 lbs of castings per day in a relatively small space with less staff.

Eisenia fetida
Earthworm cocoons

We have now opened our third facility. Soon, we will be providing even more products to fulfill the ever-increasing demands for our:

Granular Worm Castings

Liquid Extracts

Seed Inoculants

Our worm farm has a fully-mechanized and optimized process. Our design criteria are standardized, scalablereliable, replicable, redeployable and modular.

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Please visit us at the address below, or contact us by phone, by email or using the attached form for further information about our earthworm castings, liquid extracts and seed inoculants.

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