We have every product for you!

Annelida products have various applications, whether you are a farmer, cultivator or hobby gardener there is a Annelida product for you. Each of the products contains the essential worm casting, natures best plant food. Our variety of products serve a specific purpose when it comes to giving your plants exactly what it needs to thrive, from our bulk 1,000 L Premium Liquid Extract to the 5 oz. bags found at your local gardening store. Our products are broken into three product lines, Commercial, Premium, and Professional. 

Annelida products from the beginning have been comprised of 3 key core values: Sustainability, Waste Reduction, and Growth. These core values can be felt in each product regardless of where sold, at Annelida we want to keep the soil of our plants nutrient dense and useable for future generations while also providing us longevity that we need to grow and cultivate.