About Our Products

The Advantages

Worm compost, worm castings and worm extracts are nature’s best plant food.

As soil conditioners, Annelida’s worm compost, castings and extracts will:
  • Enrich your soil with microorganisms, humus and other soil biology to improve your soil’s physical structure
  • Increase your soil’s water holding capacity and reduce soil erosion
  • Reduce salinization and acidification and restore your soil to an optimum pH range
  • Enhance germination, root growth and structure, plant growth, and yield in both soil and hydroponic operations
  • Increase cation exchange and enable your soil to retain nutrients longer
  • Supplement your soil with 7x more nutrients than regular compost
  • Make more nutrients available for plant uptake and utilization and reduce nutrient leaching
  • Increase your plant’s resistance to disease and pests
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Annelida’s worm compost, castings and extracts are affordable, organic and part of nature’s natural cycle. Our plant food is created through a recycling system leading to a cleaner Earth and ecosystem.

Our Products

Annelida Worm Castings 14 L and 3 L bags front side
14 L and 3 L bags (front)
Annelida worm  castings 1600 lbs bulk totes
1600 lbs Bulk Totes

Annelida’s signature Earthworm Castings comes in 3 L or 14 L bags, as well as 1600 lbs Bulk Totes. Our products are OMRI-certified, 100% natural and can be applied in granular or liquid (extract) form, or as a seed inoculant.

Please contact us by phone (780)-777-9676 or by email us below or at [email protected] for further information about our earthworm castings, liquid extracts and seed inoculants, their effectiveness and pricing.