ANNELIDA Worm Castings

Annelida Worm Castings brings the power of Annelida products to your local store! Worm castings are filled with beneficial microbes, including protozoa amoeba, nematodes, fungus, and bacteria that may contribute to a thriving soil environment. 

Castings may increase water holding capacity in the soil and improve aeration & drainage. Worm castings will not burn plants are ready to use, add any soil blend to get amazing results. 


Our Premium Earthworm Castings are OMRI-listed, 100% chemical-free and all natural.


We offer Annelida Worm Castings in 5 oz sample bags as well as 3 L, and 14 L options.

ANNELIDA Soil Enricher

Annelida Soil Enricher contains Annelida’s worm castings, peat moss, Biochar and Endo, Ecto mycorrhizal fungi Can Amaze, composted cattle manure, soft rock phosphate, forest fines.
Soil Enricher may improve nutrient retention and healthy root growth, Soil Enricher may improve soil aeration and increase water retention of soil.

Can also compliment your feeding program and may reduce your requirement for your synthetic fertilizers.


We offer Annelida Soil Enricher in 14 L bags!

The Advantages of Vermicastings

Worm castings and extracts are nature’s best plant food.
As soil conditioners, Annelida’s worm castings, extracts and seed inoculants will:

Enrich your soil with microorganisms, humus and other soil biology to improve your soil’s physical structure

Increase your soil’s water holding capacity and reduce soil erosion

Reduce salinization and acidification and restore your soil to an optimum pH range

Increase cation exchange and enable your soil to retain nutrients longer

Supplement your soil with 7x more nutrients than regular compost

Enhance germination, root growth and structure, plant growth, and yield in both soil and hydroponic operations

Make more nutrients available for plant uptake and utilization and reduce nutrient leaching

Increase your plant’s resistance to disease and pests