Red Wiggler Worms

Ever wanted to create your own worm farm?

Annelida’s Red Wiggler worms can be fun for the whole family, the worms are safe to handle and even more fun to watch wiggle! The best part about them is how much food waste they can breakdown in your household!  


It doesn’t get more natural than the wigglers themselves! If you wanted to create your own compost bin but didn’t know where to start look no further! Annelida’s Red Wiggler worms are the bread and butter of Annelida Organics, and you will see why!   

Worm Care


Temperature: Red Wiggler worms can handle just about anything, however when it comes to temperature they can be very particular. Red Wigglers require a consistent temperature of 30 degrees Celsius to live comfortably as the worms can begin to cook or freeze to death.   


Moisture: Red Wiggler worms need their bedding to be damp enough to pass the “squeeze test” meaning one to two drops of water should leak from the squeezed dirt. This will ensure the worms are comfortable in their nice damp home which should be made out of the following corrugated cardboard, shredded newspaper, coco coir, peat moss, dried leaves and straw.  


Feed: is comprised of various food waste than can be looked over on food pamphlet provided. However the worms can eat most compostable food, when adding feed to the it is important to remember to layer the feed to minimize the amount of fruit flies present.