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AnneMaxx Advantage (MA1) is extracted from our proprietary worm castings containing robust and diverse concentrations of beneficial microbes. It is rich in organic forms of nutrients and enhances soil structure/texture, quality, and richness of colour. It stimulates microbial activity, contributes to a reduction in disease and insect pressure, nutrient cycling in soil and improves the soil food web.

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1000L TOTE |

Features & Benefits

  • Compatible with most nutrient and fertilizer programs.
  • Shelf life – 9 months (minimum). Up to 3 years if stored cool/dark.
  • Provides essential nutrients and microbial diversity.
  • Decreases the harmful effect of pests and diseases.
  • Improves cation exchange capacity.

Application Guidelines

  • Apply at pre-seed burn off, in-furrow or in-crop foliar applications.
  • Crops – Canola, Pulse crops, Cereals, Potato, Orchard Crops, Corn, Forages and Turf Grasses.
  • Advantage (MA1) is a registered product with CFIA and approved for use in broadacre and other crops.
  • Compatible with most products for foliar appliations. Mixing procedure in any order. A jar test is recommended prior to application.
  • This product is designed to be mixed with either one of our natural fertilizer blends (Enhance MA2 or Enhance Plus MA3) or NutraBoost organic blend at time of application or at most 48 hours prior.
  • Mix Advantage (MA1) with a tailored food source of either Enhance (MA2), Enhance Plus (MA3) or Enhance Organic (MA4) to a 3:1 ratio. Dilute a rate of 2-3L of combined products to 40-60L/acre of water.
  • Always recommended to pre-condition your water for pH and hardness. Optimize Plus or Micro are an excellent tool for this.

Active Ingredients

Total Nitrogen (N)
Phosphoric Acid (P₂O₅)
Soluble Potash (K₂O)
Calcium (Ca)

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