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Elite PhoS 0-17-0-9S is an organic fertilizer that provides Phosphorous and Sulphur. It is derived from Rock Phosphate mixed with Sulphur, and active compost for faster release of nutrients in their available form to plants.

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Features & Benefits

  • Fast acting easy flow granules that are approved for organic use.
  • Adds organic matter to the soil and less prone to leaching.
  • Contains no salt.
  • Readily available organic Phosphorous and Sulphur.
  • Improves root growth and nutrient uptake.
  • Increases flower retention and branching.
  • Maintains plant energy and improves yield.

Application Guidelines

  • Ideally side-banded along seed row. Can also be broadcast with spreader or float.
  • Application rates: 20-50 lbs per acre.
  • Low dust product, but like any granular product, will breakdown with excessive handling. Please wear a dust mask when handling.

Guaranteed Analysis Active Ingredients

Total Sulphur (S)
Total Phosphorous (P₂O₅)
Total insoluble Phosphorus

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