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NutraBoost is an innovative product exhibiting bio-stimulant properties in plants. Used as seed treatment and foliar application to aid plant growth and stress tolerance. It is a proprietary mix of concentrated humic acids and kelp extracts modified to enhance better absorption and increase plant bio-stimulant activities.

Features & Benefits

  • Contains bio-activated peptides, humic acids, vitamins and growth-promoting factors.
  • Increases seed vigor and germination.
  • Promotes vegetative and root growth.
  • Increases tolerance to crop stress.
  • Increases yield and nutrient availability.
  • Approved for organic use.

Recommended Foliar Application Rates

Equal parts of Advantage and Nutraboost in 30L-40L of water per acre. 10L of NutraBoost treats 500-600 acres of seed.

Guaranteed Analysis Active Ingredients

Humic Acid
Kelp Extract
Fulvic Acid
Application Rate
Field crops: Cereals, Pulses, Canola, Corn, Soybeans, etc.
300 - 400 ml Combined Products
At 5-6 leaf stage or herbicide stage and/or fungicide timing.
Pasture and Hay Crops.
300 - 400 ml Combined Products
Spray every 2 weeks after emergence and after grazing or cutting.
Orchards, Vineyard, Potatoes, Vegetables.
300 - 400 ml Combined Products
Spray every 2 weeks after emergence and every 2 weeks until final harvest.

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