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At the beginning of May I had the great fortune to be contacted by Peggy from Annelida Casting Innovations. As a senior buyer at a large garden centre meeting people for new products in May is mostly nigh on impossible, however Peggy had great passion for her product so we set something up.
It was immediately apparent that the passion was genuine as the product lived up to the expectations, in fact it exceeded them. From the design and look of the packaging to the product itself it is clear that Annelida have not overlooked any detail. The product itself is a fresh new take on a traditional standard. In an industry where complacency can run rampant Annelida stepped up. Organic, fresh, innovative they have brought a new take to traditional worm castings and brought new ideas such as Worm Casting extract and a premium blend compost. However as a retailer my opinion means not a lot compared to the court of public opinion. After meeting Peggy and Jamie I immediately arranged for their product to be introduced, that very same day. A week later I was writing a new purchase order, the court of public opinion had spoken, and it was positive. Personally I’m hooked on their entire line, especially on the extract, and I’m proud to be affiliated with them.

Colin Hayles

Golden Acre Home & Garden

I used 10% castings, 20% coco fiber and 70% peat moss for my grow media. The plant on the left I placed Annelida liquid extract at the base of the plant before I transplanted it. It literally grew an inch a day and this is the difference after 4 days.

Left: With Annelida’s liquid extract; Right: Normal grow media
Chris Craig

I’m an avid gardener. Everyone knows with gardening it’s all trial and error. I made a great find in Annelida worm castings. I placed it everywhere. My vegetable garden, perennials, flower pots and what a difference compared to any other thing I’ve tried in the past. My plants are thriving especially after a hard winter. They are doing so great I shared with friends and now they are all raving. Support a local company and give it a try!

Shannon Higgins

Awesome product, staff and facility! We are chemical free so this product more than suits our needs. Side by side comparisons in our tomatoes with and without the worm castings are incredible so far!

Tennille Needham

I decided to look into worm castings this year, as I had just gained an interest in organic gardening after relying on chemical fertilizers for my garden and house plants for years. I wanted to try something new. Supporting a local business is always something I look to do if I can, which led me to Annelida who are based out of Stony Plain, Alberta. I reached out to them about their product and was impressed at the quick response I got and how they took the time to explain any questions I had about their worm castings and how to apply them.

I decided to use a 70/30 mix of peat moss to Annelida worm castings this year to sprout the vegetables and flowers for my garden. I have been astounded by the vigour of the seedlings. My tomato plants have much thicker stems than years past and have outgrown the 8 inch pots I normally plant in. So much so that I was forced to transplant them into my garden two weeks sooner than I normally do, which was a good choice as the roots were in danger of becoming completely root-bound. Next time I will have to use bigger pots or start my seeds later!

After seeing the results, I can’t see myself going back to using chemicals or inorganic fertilizers on my plants. I plan to use Annelida products as a large part of the organic approach I am going to take with my gardening and would recommend them to anyone who is looking for an organic and proven way to help their plants flourish.

Steven Pronovost

Edmonton, Alberta

After using this product for the first time I have never had such a beautiful garden. It is growing so well I can hardly believe it. Thank you for a great way to greatly improve my garden needs. This product is the best there is.

Dave Marson

I decided to look into worm castings this year for the garden so it can be 100% organic and supporting a local business is something I try and do.

Last year 2019 transplanting my seedlings was unsuccessful and we lost 80% of them, had to plant everything from seed directly in the garden. This is the first year I have successfully grown all vegetables and flowers from seed and everything transplanted triumphantly with the help from the worm castings and extract. The worm castings and extract make the best combination for the garden. This year because of the hardiness of the plants we were able to transplant into the garden a few weeks early then we have in the past years. Not only is the product the best but the staff at Annelida’s are so friendly and very knowledgeable about their product and there to help, highly recommend!

Matt Whitney

3rd Perspective Design Ltd.

We have used both the concentrate and the bagged castings for our flower and garden beds then I used the just the concentrate on my Grass. The plants and grass are so healthy with this boost of amazing fertilizer.

Derek Benson

The timing could not have been more perfect. We were just starting our organic farm business and looking for top quality organic products that we could source locally. It started with a tour of the facility and we were so incredibly impressed with the product due to the care they take with the quality and the way they reuse local products to create feed stock. The staff are extremely customer service orientated, especially Peggy and Jamie and they go the extra mile. They are proud of their product as they should be.

We purchased loads of worm castings and freshly made compost. We have used it on all our new plants at the farm and they are amazingly healthy. Our home garden has never been better. I have been promoting this company to everybody who loves gardening. We are so grateful to have found these products and excited to be a long-term customer. Thank you, thank you

Ben & Lorraine Soucy

Wild Things Farm

Not only is Annelida run by awesome people who will make you feel like more than a customer, but worm castings has made a huge difference in our garden so far this year. We will definitely be using castings and the other products for future gardening.

Tora Matys

I have never been so in love with a company in my life, from exceptional customer service that includes great education to the freshest earthworm castings and extracts I could find in all of Canada.

We have made 3 orders from them:
#1 14L of Earthworm Castings + 1L of Liquid Extract
#2 40L of Earthworm Castings
#3 40L of Earthworm Castings + 10L of Liquid Extract

My plants have never been so vibrant and pest resistant in 25+ years of gardening. I use the Earthworm Castings to amend my soil, to topsoil, to make my own compost teas with the DragonflyEarthMedicine family of products. This is my first year going fully organic and boy am I happy I did because I would never have found them to tell you the truth. From the first order my family and I knew we would become life long customers♥️♥️♥️♥️ THIS STUFF IS AMAZING. Thank You Annelida Casting Innovations from the bottom of our hearts

Chris Erskine

So impressed with how both my indoor & outdoor plants are looking this year thanks to Annelida! It only took 1 day to notice a difference in the colour of my spider plant. Brought it right back to life! Not to mention the amount of growth on all my outdoor shrubs. It’s also comforting knowing it’s completely organic/safe to use around my children and dogs. This stuff works like magic

Britney Miller

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