Opening of Facility Announcement

EDMONTON, January 14, 2019 — Annelida, a new worm culture (often referred to as vermiculture) company, is pleased to announce the opening of its new facility in Stony Plain Alberta this month.

Annelida specializes in worm culture technology which is emerging as an “environmentally sustainable”, “economically viable” and “socially acceptable” technology all over the world.

Annelida’s primary focus is creating the perfect organic, all purpose, nature-sourced plant food by optimizing the efficiency of worm composting bio humus production. We aim to provide pure, quality plant foods that meet the highest regulatory and Green standards while keeping the price affordable.

This “worm volcano” (see video) is just one foot of our 4048 sq. foot usable production zone

Advantages of worm compost / worm castings:

  • Enhances germination and plant growth; Crop yields are improved by 30-40% when compared to chemical fertilizers
  • Helps protect plants from disease
  • Improves soil’s physical structure
  • Enriches soil with micro-organisms
  • Production reduces greenhouse gas emissions such as methane and nitric oxide
  • Recycles organic waste

Annelida’s products are both “protective” & “productive” for environment and society.

Michael Launer, CEO

For more information visit
Contact: [email protected]
Phone: 1(780)777-WORM

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