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ANNELIDA Redwiggler Worm kit


Annelida Worm Kit allows you to create your own compost using Redwiggler worms.


Annelida Organics is not liable for the Annelida Red Wiggler Wormkit’s shipping, if the Worm kit arrives damaged this is the responsibility of the shipping company. Annelida Organics will help the customer with issues that may arise however is not responsible for the arrival of the condition of the product.



The Annelida Red Wiggler Worm kit brings the fun of worm composting to your door! The Red Wiggler Worm kit is meant to introduce the idea of using worms in your gardens and seeing just how useful they can be!

  •  1 Pound of Red Wiggler worms (1 lb = 1,000 worms)
  •  Worm chow (Barley Chopped)
  •  1 Mystery tool
  •  1 Spray bottle


(Processing time takes 5 business days)


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Additional information

Weight 1.66 kg
Dimensions 22.86 × 22.86 × 22.86 cm



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