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Our premier 8500 sq ft. worm composting facility hosts 80 million (and replicating) red wiggler earthworms (Eisenia fetida)! These worms eat organic materials and produce worm castings (worm excrement).

With our patented, automated technology and smart systems, these worms allow us to produce 5000-6000 lbs of castings per day in a relatively small space with less staff.


Are Annelida products natural? arrow-down-icon

Annelida products are 100% natural and OMRI listed, guaranteeing that your garden and plants are given the absolute best soil enrichers available.

Where can I find your products? arrow-down-icon

Annelida products are available at retail stores, such as Canadian Tire. Our premium line of products are available at greenhouses/plant shops.

Does Annelida do custom orders? arrow-down-icon

Of course! We understand that every cultivator has different needs. Contact [email protected] for further information.

I ordered the Red Wiggler Worm Kit – when will I receive my product? arrow-down-icon

We ship our Annelida Red Wiggler Worm Kit through Canada Post, which takes 5 business days. If you have questions or concerns about your order, contact [email protected]

Happy Customers

The timing could not have been more perfect. We were just starting our organic farm business and looking for top-quality organic products that we could source locally. It started with a tour of the facility, and we were so incredibly impressed with the product due to the care they take with the quality and the way they reuse local products to create feedstock. We purchased loads of worm castings and freshly made compost. We have used it on all our new plants at the farm, and they are amazingly healthy. Our home garden has never been better.

Ben & Lorraine Soucy

Wild Things Farm

So impressed with how both my indoor & outdoor plants are looking this year thanks to Annelida! It only took 1 day to notice a difference in the colour of my spider plant. Brought it right back to life! Not to mention the amount of growth on all my outdoor shrubs. It’s also comforting knowing it’s completely organic/safe to use around my children and dogs. This stuff works like magic

Britney Miller

I used 10% castings, 20% coco fiber and 70% peat moss for my grow media. The plant on the left I placed Annelida liquid extract at the base of the plant before I transplanted it. It
literally grew an inch a day and this is the difference after 4 days.

Chris Craig

Awesome product, staff and facility! We are chemical free so this product more than suits our needs. Side by side comparisons in our tomatoes with and without the worm castings are incredible so far!

Tennille Needham

Happy Acres U-Pick

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