Contact: [email protected]

For questions regarding bulk purchasing, custom orders, and overall Annelida business relations.


Contact:  [email protected]

For inquires regarding Annelida Red Wiggler worms this includes bulk purchase of worms and wormkits.

Are Annelida Products Natural?

Annelida products are 100% natural and OMRI listed, guaranteeing that your garden and plants are given the absolute best natural made soil amendment available.

Where Are Annelida Products Available?

Annelida products are available at retail stores this includes but is not limited too Canadian Tire. Our Premium line of products are available at green houses/plant shops. See our store locator for details!

Does Annelida Do Custom Orders?

Annelida can create custom orders that will fit your cultivator needs! Contact [email protected] for further information.


The Annelida Red Wiggler Wormkit will take 5 business days to ship and will be done through Canada Post.

Questions and concerns can be directed to: [email protected]