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Earthworms- Charles Darwin’s ‘Unheralded Soldiers of Mankind’- Protective & Productive for Man & Environment: View Abstract

Effect of Vermicompost and Calcium Silicate to Reduce the Soil Salinity on Growth and Oil Determinations of Marjoram Plant: View Abstract

Effects of Earthworm Casts and Compost on Soil Microbial Activity and Plant Nutrient Availability: View Abstract

Embarking on a Second Green Revolution for Sustainable Agriculture by Vermiculture Biotechnology using Earthworms- Reviving the Dreams of Sir Charles Darwin: View Abstract

Molecularanalysis of bacterial community succession during prolonged compost curing: View Abstract

Principles of Compost-Based Plant Diseases Control and Innovative New Developments: View Preface

Streptomycetes- Characteristics and Their Antimicrobial Activities: View Abstract

The Potential of Sustainable Agricultural Practices to Enhance Soil Carbon Sequestration and Improve Soil Quality: View Abstract

The Quality of NYS Agriculture Composts: View Abstract

Vermicompost, The Story of Organic Gold- A Review: View Abstract

An Overview of the Benefits of Compost Tea on Plant and Soil Structure: View Abstract

Analysis of phytohormones in vermicompost using a novel combinative sample preparation strategy of ultrasound assisted extraction and solid-phase coupled with liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry: View Abstract

Antagonistic Microbes Against Fusarium: View Abstract

Evaluation of certain antagonistic fungal species for biological control of faba bean wilt disease incited by Fusarium oxysporum: View Abstract

Antifungal Effects of Compost Tea Microorganisms on Tomato Pathogens : View Abstract

Arbuscularmycorrhizal Fungi and Vermicompost to Maximize the Production of Foliar Biomolecules in Passiflora Alata Curtis Seedlings: View Abstract

Biochar to Offset Climate Change: View Abstract

Biological Control of Pythium Root Rot in Container Flower Production using Microbial Inoculants: View Abstract

Combined Efficacy of Biofertilizer with Different Biopesticides on Aphid’s Infestation (Acyrnthosiphon Pisum) and the Productivity of Pea Crop (Pisum Sativum): View Abstract

Disease Potential Suppression of Compost: View Abstract

Disease-Suppressive Vermicompost Induces a Shift in Germination Mode of Pythium aphanidermatum Zoosporangia: View Abstract

Earthworms as Engineers of Soil and Human Health: View Abstract

Effect of brown algae and vermicompost application on some cherry tomato traits in hydroponic system: View Abstract

Effect of Vermiwash and Vermicompost on an Ornamental Flower, Zinnia sp.: View Abstract

Effects of Compost Tea Treatments on Productivity of Lettuce and Kohlrabi Systems under Organic Cropping Management: View Abstract

Effects of Vermicompost in Potting Soils and Extract Foliar Sprays on Vegetable Health and Productivity: View Abstract

Efficacy of Microbial Amendments on Vegetables in Greenhouse and Field Trials: View Abstract

Evaluation of the effects of earthworm Eisenia fetida-based products on the pathogenicity of root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne javanica) infecting cucumber: View Abstract

Golf and Turf Management – Dale Edits Feb 9 2015, Greenhouse Gas Balance For Composting Operation: View Document

Humic Substances from Vermicompost Enhance Urban Lettuce Production: View Abstract

Impact of Alternative Fungicides on Grape Downy Mildew Control and Vine Growth and Development: View Abstract

Impact of Vermincompost Extract Application into Soil and on Plant Leaves on Maize Phytomass Formation: View Abstract

Impacts of Aerated Compost Tea on Containerized Acer Saccharum and Quercus Macrocarpa Saplings and Soil Properties in Sand, Uncompacted Loam, and Compacted Loam Soils: View Abstract

Long Term Effects of Organic Amendments on Soil Fertility. A Review: View Abstract

Long Term Effects of Manure and Fertilisers: View Abstract

Mass Spectrometric Evidence for the Occurrence of Plant Growth Promoting Cytokinins in Worm Casting Tea: View Abstract

Medium-term effects of corn biochar addition on soil biota activities and functions in a temperate soil cropped to corn: View Abstract

Microbial Content of Actively Aerated Compost Tea After Variations of Ingredients or Procedures: View Abstract

Microbial Diversity of Vermicompost Bacteria that Exhibit Useful Agricultural Traits and Waste Management Potentia: lView Abstract

Molecular Diversity and Multifarious Plant Growth Promoting Attributes of Bacilli Associated with Wheat (Triticum Aestivum L.) Rhizosphere from Six Diverse Agro-Ecological Zones of India: View Abstract

Organic amendments and their influences on plant-parasitic and free-living nematodes- a promising method for nematode management?: View Summary

Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria and Medicinal Plants: View Preface

Potential of Compost Tea for Suppressing Plant Diseases: View Abstract

Preliminary Research Concerning the Application of Vermicompost on Aphid Control in Cherry: View Abstract

Relative Effects of Biological Amendments and Crop Rotations on Soil Microbial Communities and Soilborne Diseases of Potato: View Abstract

Response of Two Lentil Varieties to Bio-Enriched Compost Tea Rodale 30 year Results: View Introduction

Seed Germination and Seedling Growth of Tomato and Lettuce as Affected by Vermicompost Water Extracts (Teas): View Abstract

Soil Carbon Sequestration and Climate Change: View First Page & Abstract

Soil Carbon Sequestration to Mitigate Climate Change: View Abstract

Suppression of Soilborne Fungal Diseases with Organic Amendments: View Summary

The Combined use of Chemical and Organic Fertilizers and/or Biofertilizers for Crop Growith and Soil Fertility: View Abstract

The effects of some humic substances and vermicompost on phosphorus transformation rate and forms in a calcareous soil: View Abstract

The importance of soil food web for healthy environment and sustainable development: View Abstract

The Potential of Cell-Free Cultures of Rhizobium Leguminosarum, Azotobacter Chroococcum and Compost Tea as Biocontrol Agents for Faba Bean Broomrape (Orobanche Crenata Forsk.): View Abstract

Vermicompost Affects Growth, Nitrogen Content, Leaf Gas Exchange and Productivity of Pepper Plants: View Abstract

Vermicompost Effects on Mycorrhizal Population: View Absract

Vermicompost Suppression of Pythium Aphanidermatum Seedling Disease, Practical Applications and an Exploration of the Mechanisms of Disease Suppression: View Abstract

Vermicomposting- The Basics: View Document

Vermitea Remediation of Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soil: View Abstract

Worm Power Against Fungal Diseases in Aroids- Prospects and Future Strategies: View Abstract